Evaluation of Efficacy of Intranasal Lidocaine for Headache Relief in Patients Referred to Emergency Department

Headache is a common complaint for emergency visits. Common drugs used in relief of headache are opioids and their agonists and antagonists, ergot alkaloids, and nonsteroidal anti-nflammatory drugs(NSAIDs). Lack of appropriate medications or serious side effects of available drugs, motivated us to perform the study for evaluating the efficacy of intranasal lidocaine on different types of headache.

Update on therapies for cluster headache

Cluster headache is one of the primary headache disorders. It is considered the most severe headache syndrome known to humans. In most instances, this disorder is readily treatable when the correct medications are utilized at the correct dosages. Cluster headache treatment involves abortive, transitional and preventive therapy strategies.

Clinical and Genetic Aspects of Cluster Headache

Cluster headache (CH), a primary neurovascular headache syndrome, is characterized by recurrent, unilateral, short-lasting attacks of excruciating pain in the temporal and/or orbital region. The pain is considered one of the most severe pain conditions known to humans. Compared with the general population, first-degree relatives of probands with CH have a significantly increased risk of the same disorder.