Choosing the Right Oxygen Mask

In a perfect world, choosing the right oxygen mask would be easy. Oxygen suppliers would understand cluster and deliver the right equipment the first time.

Are Painless Cluster Attacks Possible?

Although rare, there are reports of painless cluster attacks or painful attacks without the autonomic symptoms characteristic of cluster headache.

Diagnosis, pathophysiology, and management of cluster headache

Cluster headache is a trigeminal autonomic cephalalgia characterised by extremely painful, strictly unilateral, short-lasting headache attacks accompanied by ipsilateral autonomic symptoms or the sense of restlessness and agitation, or both.

Researchers Find Evidence Explaining Why Headaches are More Severe Than Body Pain

A recent study, using laboratory mice, discovered a physical link within the brain that may explain why headaches are more severe than pain we experience in other parts of the body. Pain perception involves both the physical sensation of pain and the emotional response to that pain. There are physical structures within the brain that regulate both, but until now, a direct link between the two had only been hypothesized.