Oxygen is a safe, effective abortive for many people living with cluster headache. Much to our frustration, it isn’t always easy to get access when we need it. Discover the wisdom of our veteran patients as they share their strategies for access, affordability, and usage tips.

  • High Flow Oxygen

    November 29, 2015CHSG Admin

    High-flow oxygen was proven to relieve cluster headache attacks within 15 minutes for nearly 80% of attacks with no serious side effects in a controlled clinical study (see the JAMA High-flow Oxygen Study). In fact, oxygen is considered to be the safest method of treating acute cluster headache attacks. The approach is to use 100% pure ...

  • Setting up Your Oxygen

    January 29, 2016CHSG Admin

    Setting up your tank properly is important to avoid any errant spillage of oxygen. The simple solution is checking your setup before opening the valve to make sure all hose connections are tight and that your regulator is firmly attached to the cylinder. Then open the tank valve slowly and set the regulator at a ...

  • Welder's O2 – A Last Resort

    January 29, 2016CHSG Admin

    If you are not currently under medical care, it is feasible to get oxygen directly from a reputable oxygen supplier. Welding oxygen is also pure and typically comes from the same source as medical oxygen. The key difference between medical and non-medical oxygen relates more to the chain of custody of the oxygen tank (cylinder) ...

  • Self-Pay for Oxygen

    January 29, 2016CHSG Admin

    If you do create your own setup, you will need to purchase a regulator appropriate for the tank you are using. Different tank types use different regulators due to tank pressures. 0-25 lpm regulators for E tanks are readily available online. In addition to this, you will need to purchase a mask and oxygen hose ...

  • Choosing the Right Oxygen Mask

    July 27, 2019pressable

    In a perfect world, choosing the right oxygen mask would be easy. Oxygen suppliers would understand cluster and deliver the right equipment the first time.