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Peer-reviewed medical journal articles on cluster headache and related conditions.

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Latest study results

Diagnosis, pathophysiology, and management of cluster headache

/ Pathophysiology
Cluster headache is a trigeminal autonomic cephalalgia characterised by extremely painful, strictly unilateral, short-lasting headache attacks accompanied by ipsilateral autonomic symptoms or the sense of restlessness and agitation, or both ... more

The differential effect of trigeminal vs. peripheral pain stimulation on vi...

/ fear, Pathophysiology
Compared to peripheral pain, trigeminal pain elicits higher levels of fear, which is assumed to enhance the interruptive effects of pain on concomitant cognitive processes. In this fMRI study we examined the behavioral and neural ... more

Researchers Find Evidence Explaining Why Headaches are More Severe Than Bod...

/ Pathophysiology, TRP Channels, TRPV1
A recent study, using laboratory mice, discovered a physical link within the brain that may explain why headaches are more severe than pain we experience in other parts of the body. Pain perception involves both ... more

Clinical Characteristics and Treatment Patterns Among Patients Diagnosed Wi...

/ Demographics
The burden of cluster headache is associated with significant co-morbidity, including substance use disorders and suicidal ideation, and treatment patterns indicating low use of recognized cluster headache treatments ... more

Ketamine Infusion Combined With Magnesium as a Therapy for Intractable Chro...

/ Ketamine
Chronic cluster headache (CH) is a rare, highly disabling primary headache condition. As NMDA receptors are possibly overactive in CH, NMDA receptor antagonists, such as ketamine, could be of interest in patients with intractable CH ... more

Cerebral hemodynamics in the different phases of migraine and cluster heada...

/ Pathophysiology
Headache is one of the most common ailments; migraine is one of the most prevalent and disabling neurological disorders and cluster headache presents as one of the most excruciating pain disorders. Both are complex disorder ... more

Prescribing Oxygen for Cluster Headache: A Guide for the Provider

/ Oxygen
Oxygen is the standard of care for acute treatment of cluster headache. CMS, the US Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services, has made the indefensible decision to not cover oxygen for cluster headache for patients ... more

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