Exercise and Cluster Headache – Stretching

Did you take good notes in Getting Started? Remember to check with your doctor before starting or changing an exercise routine. Also, don’t get your fitness advice from a friend or relative unless you are certain they know what they are talking about. Just because someone is physically fit and exercises frequently doesn’t mean they … Read more

Exercise and Cluster Headache: Make a Plan

Please have a pen and notebook ready before you begin to read. Then follow the instructions. A man walks into a bar and issue a challenge another, “I bet that I can beat you in a foot race”.  Now, the person he was talking to at the bar wasn’t just some person off the street who never … Read more

Exercise and Cluster Headache: Getting Started

Having Cluster Headache (especially in a bad-cycle) can beat anyone down. It can leave you exhausted and weak. Over a period of time, a bad cluster headache cycle can leave you weakened and exhausted. Having had pneumonia twice, the experience is very similar. Loss of strength and endurance (wind) is common. To combat this, you need a change in your life.