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      So I want to know from others how are you dealing with Cluster Headaches? I’ve finally come to realize that I’m never going to have a normal life with these headaches. I’ve lost my job due to headaches along with my pension with the union. I was given unemployment then applied for disability then got flagged and am not receiving neither now. So I’ve moved from San Francisco to try and afford to survive. My cluster headaches have become more frequent. I wanted to know if I’m the only one who can feel them before they come and also if anyone has them for attacks lasting longer than 5 hours I’ve had some last up to 8 hours which is like torture. I pace around for hours and take hot showers and have a chair I sit in and rock back and forth. I’m taking Valproic Acid, Sumatriptan, Indomethacin, mirtazapine, trazadone, escitalopram, topiramate, oxygen and other meds. Which ones work? Because the sumatriptan has stopped aborting my cluster headaches. I’m a VA patient and have been trying to get seen since July 2018 and the earliest appointment they have for me is JAN 18th 2019 130 PM. I feel like my life is falling apart around me dealing with headaches I have no social like whatsoever anymore. I’m a slave to the headaches causing secondary issues such as sleep apnea. Does anyone else have crazy self remedies? I’ve been looking for some type of support group to chat with others with cluster headaches. Thanks,


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      Hosie…..are you still out there??

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      Headaches are the worst and come in all forms, but perhaps tension headaches and migraines are the most severe. They can be unrelenting but, cannabis can help. A study conducted here in Colorado found that migraine sufferers reported a reduced number of migraines with the use of cannabis. That means fewer days with pounding headaches, vision loss, and nausea.There are so many products and blends on the market, I’m Using CBD oil in my Vape with this kind of strains Different strains has different effect. You better pick with method and strains that will suits you. you may ask your local dispensary.thanks have a nice day.

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      Cannabis is not going to help with clusters. It may help with anxiety between hits or help you get to sleep at night but it will not help with the pain during a cluster attack.

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