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    What’s happening to me? I am a 56-year-old woman who started experiencing what I think is cluster headaches January 5 of this year. Prior to that I’ve never had a My green except once in my 40s. When I get an attack it only affects the right side of my face my right eye is Lila is droopy red and bulging and it hurts the entire right side of my face down to my neck in the back of my head. I saw my regular Doctor Who prescribes sumatriptan or orally. It didn’t really work I get the headaches at the same time every day around 430 in the afternoon I am able to sleep when they’re over they can last up to three hours. Lately I’ve become extremely agitated during the attacks I can’t quiet myself I pace and want to hit things. I just got a prescription for the chipped and nasal spray tried that for the first time last night and gagged could feel it dripping down my throat and it didn’t really work any better than the oral. I am blessed that I have excellent medical insurance I work as a teacher librarian I’ve missed about four days of work in the last two weeks because after the attacks I have a constant headache all day long on the right side of my face a lot of sinus pressure. I ended up in the ER one night where they did a CT scan, EKG, bloodwork, and gave me the migraine cocktail intravenously. That was the only night that week I didn’t have a cluster attack. I’ve gone for days without any attacks and then last night I had another one. I’m scheduled to see a neurologist March 4. My doctor is prescribing an MRI. I’m wondering if anyone has tried oxygen for this? When the attacks come on I am willing to try anything to make them stop. I did try energy drinks and they help. I’ve never thrown up during an attack but at times I feel nauseous. I was wondering if anyone else has a bad headache all the time in between attacks? Thanks for listening. Trudi

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    Sorry about all the errors above I used the microphone to dictate. I meant migraine not my green and sumatriptans for meds. Hate autocorrect!

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    Hi Trudi! I’m sorry you’re dealing with these! I’m a 28 year old woman and had my first attack 5 years ago. Luckily, mine only last about a month and a half this time every year. From the time the first attack hits until the last one of the season I have a constant headache. I call it my headache hangovers. There’s a dull pain all the time and almost like a fog in my head. I’m glad you’ve found some things that help because at this point, high flow oxygen is the only thing that helps me. You should try it! It helps clear the fog some too. I hope this helps!

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